About Me:  Qualifications and Experience

Certified EFT Practitioner - Healing limiting beliefs, trauma, anxiety, fears etc through tapping and clearing energy blocks. Simple and easy to learn. Once learnt , can be used at home.

Certified Transformative Breathwork facilitator - a breathing method to change emotional blocks, challenges, anxiety, depression and so much more. Be guided through a session to connect with self and address life challenges.

Qualified Mindfulness Coach.

Qualified Eating Psychology Coach and Nutritional Advisor - helping clients with weight, body image, binge eating, overeating, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more!

Fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer - I have trained a host of different clients ranging from men wishing to slim down and muscle up, to people training for events such as 10k and 1/2 marathons. Also ladies looking to lose weight and sculpt a better, more shapely body. I have worked with clients preparing for certain fitness tests as a career move and clients suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and other health issues.

I am passionate about helping people set and achieve goals, feel better about themselves and learn to love and appreciate themselves. I work in a holistic way, by addressing stresses, lifestyle challenges, nutritional deficiencies and confidence issues. I love my job, meeting new and exciting people, building strong and supportive working relationships and oftentimes creating friendships too. I love seeing clients achieve their goals and the effect that has on their mental state and self- confidence.

I aim to make sessions varied, interesting and challenging. Each client is treated as an individual and advice and training is structured accordingly.

Rebecca Sharp:

Health & Wellbeing Coach:

EFT Practitioner,

Transformative Breathwork Facilitator,

Mindfulness Coach,

Eating Psychology Coach, 

Nutritional Adviser 

and Personal Trainer.

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